Frequently Asked Questions

What is this service?

hollr is a small, privacy focused, event management service where you can easily create and share events with a group of friends. No registration required.


  • Anonymously create groups
  • Anonymously join groups and participate on events
  • Chat with group members
  • Get notified when someone attends an event
  • Get iCal attachment when you have responded to an event
  • No JavaScript requirement

Do you use Cookies?

Yes. Cookies are used for authentication and authorization as well as keeping track of web push notifications if you choose to enable that. No cookies are used for tracking, in fact there is no tracking at all.

No tracking or ads, how are you financing this?

It costs around 15€/month to run the service today. This is a cost I'm are willing to pay for using the service myself. In case I need to scale up I'll probably start begging you for money.

What data are you storing?

A group, together with the supplied information, participant names and messages will be deleted 90 days after the last event has occurred.
In case the group does not have an event, it will be deleted 90 days after it's creation.
Storing your data is a liability and incurs additional cost, which is why it is deleted. In case feedback is received about storing the events for a longer time, it will be a opt-in feature.

In case that you decide to register an account, your email is only stored to be able to log you in and send notifications from the groups you are member of. If you choose to delete your account, all events, participations, messages and tokens will be removed from any events that you have participated on.

Do I need to log in?

No, but it might be useful if you want to edit your groups, or revoke your participation on a different device. While I do my best to keep your anonymous "identity", with a 90 day cookie, some devices will aggressively clear out cookies, in which case you will loose all your groups.

What do you expect from me?

The expectation on you is that you do not abuse this service by posting illegal or unsuitable content, or use the service in a excessive way. I am not in a position to hire lawyers to write some legal text that covers me in all conceivable ways, and I hope to keep it that way.

If this turns out to be a too naive solution, I reserve the right to delete your data at any point or/and shut down the service. Be nice.

For further questions, concerns, security or bug reports, please send an email to

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